Uni-Caps, LLC can offer two types of Veggie Softgels

Sea Gel® from FMC

By obtaining license from FMC, Uni-Caps, LLC launched Sea Gel® (Vegetable Soft Capsules) as an alternative means to provide the needs to those individuals who prefer to consume non-animal based capsules.  These soft capsules use carrageenan to provide more thermal stability compared to ordinary soft gelatin.  As a result, they have no polymerization, less viscidity, and they are able to resist certain climatic conditions.

StarchGelTM from Er-Kang

StarchGelTM is a revolutionary product developed by Er-Kang Pharmaceutical through a significant technical breakthrough in starch film forming process.  This vege-based durable softgel brings your products to a new level by offering the below advantages.

  • Be first to market with Non-GMO products
  • Better thermal stability