Softgels are easy to swallow and offers better bioavailability than other dosage forms.  As Softgels are more demanded in the market, Uni-Caps, LLC is able to offer faster and acute lead time for the customers and has capabilities to manufacture with various types of fill materials, shell colors, and shapes.



By obtaining license from FMC, Uni-Caps, LLC launched Sea Gel® (Vegetable Soft Capsules) as an alternative means to provide the needs to those individuals who prefer to consume non-animal based capsules.



By coating with an acid resistant material that does not break down in the acidic environment of stomach, enteric coating will give follow advantages.



Uni-Caps, LLC is excited to work with the world’s renowned top rated companies.  They recognize the value and effort that we have provided throughout our relationship as partners.  Not only are our efforts in company relations solid, but Uni-Caps, LLC’s highest quality standards made the relationship with our business partners even stronger.

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Uni-Caps, LLC is a leading contract manufacturer in America with a state of the art facility with highly skilled and experienced engineers which are all in compliance with cGMP.  With highly skilled laboratory researchers and engineers who are industry experts and products that meet the highest standards, Uni-Caps, LLC offers flexibility, experience, and facilities to deliver the best quality products in a timely manner and within budget.  We provide more than products and services to our clients; we provide end to end excellence and Final Solutions.