You can rely on Uni-Caps, LLC’s high quality level with the confidence that your products will be manufactured according to your specifications while all the quality tests throughout the entire manufacturing process will also be performed at the best level.


Softgels are easy to swallow and offers better bioavailability than other dosage forms.  As Softgels are more demanded in the market, Uni-Caps, LLC is able to offer faster and acute lead time for the customers and has capabilities to manufacture with various types of fill materials, shell colors, and shapes.

Veggie Softgels

By obtaining license from FMC, Uni-Caps, LLC launched Sea Gel® (Vegetable Soft Capsules) as an alternative means to provide the needs to those individuals who prefer to consume non-animal based capsules.  These soft capsules use carrageenan to provide more thermal stability compared to ordinary soft gelatin.  As a result, they have no polymerization, less viscidity, and they are able to resist certain climatic conditions.

Gummy Bears

After months of experiment with strict standards and due diligence, Uni-Caps, LLC offers gummy product.  These soft and chewy gummy bears have great tasting Mango, Orange, and Pineapple flavors which are easy to ingest and kid’s favorites.  Gummy Bears can be manufactured with Multi-Vitamins, and Minerals so consumers can get the daily nutrition needed and enjoy the real fruit taste.

In addition to regular gummy bears (from gelatin), Uni-Caps, LLC offers vegetable gummy bears after months of experiment with strict standards and due diligence. These veggie gummy bears will satisfy consumers who prefer non-animal based gummy bears.  Veggie gummy bears can be packed with various active ingredients (such as multi-vitamins, minerals, CLA and etc.) which will fulfill customers’ individual needs.

Enteric Coating

By coating with an acid resistant material that does not break down in the acidic environment of stomach, enteric coating will give follow advantages.

  • Increases effectiveness of dietary supplements.
  • Eliminates unpleasant aftertaste
  • No digestive discomfort